2012 Conference


September 18-19, 2012 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

International Exposition (I-X) Center

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Tire Society is hosting its 31st annual business meeting and conference on Tire Science and Technology during September 18 & 19, 2012 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This conference is attended by engineers & scientists from the tire & vehicle industries, academia, & government from around the world.

For 2012, the conference is being held at the same time and place as the International Tire Exhibition & Conference (ITEC) 2012 (link).  Attendees will be able to walk through exhibits and to see presentations covering the state of the art of tire technology, from tire science research all the way through manufacturing, distribution, and recycling.

In addition to technical sessions of submitted papers, the conference features a keynote address given by a corporate leader in the tire industry, a plenary lecture given by a leading scientist, & an awards banquet with an after-dinner speaker.

The Tire Society is pleased to announce the invited speakers for the 2012 conference. The conference will open with the keynote address to be given by Dr. Enki Tan, Executive Chairman, Giti Tire Company Limited, China. The plenary address will be given by Dr. Michael Kaliske, Institute for Structural Analysis, Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany. The awards dinner banquet after dinner speaker will be Mr. John Goossen, Vice President, Innovation Hub and SMR Development, Westinghouse Electric Company, USA. More details to follow.

The I-X Center is located adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins Airport at One I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The conference registration fee details are available on the Membership Webpage.

Accommodations will be available at several hotels near the I-X Center

Conference Schedule At-A-Glance Available

The 2012 Conference Schedule is available. To download, click here.

Special Guest Speakers


Keynote Address Presenter
Dr. Enki Tan
Executive Chairman
Giti Tire Company Limited

Dr. Enki Tan is the executive chairman of Giti Tire Company Limited, a Singapore registered tire manufacturer. Giti Tire manufactures a wide range of tires sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Giti Tire supplies prominent US, European, Japanese original equipment manufacturers and most major Chinese vehicle brands. Giti Tire has twice won the General Motors Global Supplier of the Year award. He is a director of PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk., an associate company of Giti Tire and the largest Indonesian tire manufacturer. Gajah Tunggal was name by Forbes as one of the “Top 10 – Large Indonesian Companies” in 2011. He is the vice chairman of Gul Technologies Ltd., a printed circuit board manufacturer. He is also the president director of Bukit Baiduri Energi, an Indonesian thermal coal mining company. He is a board member of United Pacific Bank in California, USA. He was formerly an executive director of Tuan Sing Holdings Ltd., and director of Grand Hotel Group Ltd. in Australia. He serves on the board of Conservation International (CI), which conserves biodiversity and ecosystems globally. He chairs the CI Global Programs Committee. He also serves on the MIT Sloan Asia Executive Board and the Columbia University International Advisory Council. He is a member of the Synergos Global Philanthropic Circle of New York. Dr. Tan graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Sydney, and obtained an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was a Sloan Fellow. He is a Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors and is certified by the Medical Board of Australia and the Hong Kong Medical Council.

Presentation Title
The China Effect : The Next Chapter

Presentation Abstract
The presentation will look at the impact of China on the value chain of the tire industry so far. It will also cover our views of the future effect in light of the current structural changes.

Plenary Address Presenter
Michael Kaliske 
Director of the Institute for Structural Analysis
Tehnische Universitat Dresdan

Curriculum Vitae: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Kaliske

1983 – 1990  

Diploma in "Civil Engineering", University of Hannover, Germany

1989   Master of Science in "Computational Engineering", University of
    Wales, UK
1991 – 1999   Research fellow, Institute for Structural Analysis,
    University of Hannover
1999   Habilitation examination
1999 – 2002   Research associate, Head of Department "Mechanics and
    Simulation Development", Continental AG
2002 – 2008   Director of Institute for Structural Mechanics, University of Leipzig
2003 – 2006   Partner in Materials Research and Testing Association, Leipzig
since 2006   Director of Institute for Structural Mechanics, Technische University
since 2009   Vice-Dean Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technische University
since 2010   Editor of "Tire Science and Technology"
since 2010   Contributing Editor "International Journal
  of Non-Linear Mechanics"

Presentation Title
Computational Engineering in Rubber Modeling and Tire Design

Presentation Abstract
The design goals in tire development are manifold due to the requirements with respect to the structure and, sometimes, they are even contradicting. Moreover the physical (and chemical) behavior of the tire structure itself and its interaction with the environment, i.e. vehicle, pavement etc., is complex. In order to be able to investigate and understand the structural behavior, experiments – either real or virtual – are required. Virtual experiments, i.e. simulations, are suitable to supplement testing and to provide additional in-formation. Modeling and simulation needs to be provided on different levels and complexities. It starts on the continuum level at the material point. Adequate constitutive models have to be provided which have predictive capabilities. The structure is assembled numerically from its components using appropriate finite elements. Moreover, the tire is designed in interaction with the vehicle and an interaction with the pavement might be of interest as well. Beyond the modeling of material and structure, an approach to de-scribe the data used has to be defined. It could be chosen as an idealized, deterministic description or as an approach taking the uncertainty of data into account which depicts reality more closely. Optimization of the structure is usually done by experience and in-tuition of the designing engineer. Systematic mathematical procedures might support finding an optimum in an efficient and reliable manner.

Awards Dinner Presenter
John E. Goossen
Vice President, Innovation Hub and SMR Development
Westinghouse Research and Technology

John E. Goossen is the Vice President of Westinghouse Innovation Hub and SMR Development with more than 34 years experience in the nuclear industry, covering areas of engineering, manufacturing, plant design and analysis, marketing, strategic planning and R&D. 

Mr. Goossen is responsible for leading the Westinghouse SMR project organization as well as program and operations for the Westinghouse Innovation Hub, which pursues new business creation through breakthrough Innovation. John is responsible for taking the new Westinghouse SMR technology through development, licensing, verification and testing, and ultimately commercialization.

Mr. Goossen previously served as Director of Nuclear Energy Innovation Leadership. Prior to that, he was Director of the Westinghouse Science and Technology Department, the company’s prior research and development organization, which included advanced modeling, advanced reactor design development, extensive testing and Hot Cell facilities. In this role he also led the Westinghouse Innovation Program, which promotes and nurtures long-term technology development. 

Mr. Goossen has also been Manager of Strategic Management for the Nuclear Services Business Unit. Responsibilities included business planning, acquisition evaluations and technology overview for the Services Organization. He has held various levels of responsibility in Marketing and Engineering with his final appointment being Manager of Engineering Marketing. 

He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a M.S. in Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.
Mr. Goossen is involved in a number of committees and societies

  • Visiting committee member to the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Member for the Pittsburgh Regional Business Coalition for Homeland Security Board
  • Member of the Carnegie Science Center – Regional SciTech Initiative Board
  • Member of ASME and Executive Member of the ASME Industry Advisory Board (IAB)
  • Member of the Senior Industry Advisory Panel (SIAP) for Generation IV International Forum (GIF) representing the US DOE

Presentation Title

Nuclear energy, today and future opportunities, technology options, issues and potential solutions


Call For Papers

The 2012 Conference Call for Papers is available online at link

A pdf version is available for download and printing at link.

Student Paper Award

A $500 prize will be awarded to the best paper submitted by a full-time university student. Interested  students please use the above Call for Papers link to submit your abstract.

A pdf version of the student award announcement is available for download and printing atlink.

Student Poster Award

New this year, in addition to the Student Paper Award, there will be a Student Poster Award. A $250 prize will be presented for the best technical poster designed and presented by a student at the 31st Annual Conference of the Tire Society. To download more information click on the following links: Announcement & Submission Instructions and Design Instructions and Other Details.

Conference Committee
  • Chair: Lin Kung, Nexen Tire (email)



 Sponsorship Opportunities
The Tire Society would like to thank the Sponsors of the 31st Annual Meeting and Conference on Tire Science & Technology in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"V" Speed Rating - Gold Sponsors


Simulia provided general funding for the conference as well as attendee bags.www.simulia.com


 ITEC provided general funding for the conference.


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Kumbo provided general funding for the conference. www.kumhotire.com


 Yokohama Tire provided general funding for the conference. www.yokohamatire.com.

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Bogimac provided general funding for the conference. www.bogimac.com


Nexen Performance Tires provided general funding for the conference.www.nexentireusa.com

CenTire provided general funding for the conference. www.centire.com 
With their support The Tire Society membership had a very successful meeting and conference with unprecedented speakers and presentations.


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