The Tire Society

Bylaws Last Revision: 1993
Revised and reformatted: 2004

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ARTICLE I Duties of Officers and Executive Committee

Section 1, President
The President of the Society shall exercise general care and supervision over the affairs of the Society subject to the direction and approval of the Executive Committee and shall perform all acts usually incident to the office of President.

Section 2, Vice President
The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his duties. In the event of the absence of the President or his inability to serve, the Vice President shall act in his stead. He shall perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the President or by the Executive Committee.

Section 3, Secretary
The Secretary shall keep the records of the Society; including minutes of all meetings, appointments, committees, and membership files. He shall be responsible for the official correspondence of the Society. He shall prepare a report of the activities of the Society in accordance with ARTICLE IX of the Constitution.

He shall be responsible for the printing, distribution, and collection of letter ballots, which may be presented to the membership for vote. In particular, he shall be charged with the issuance and receipt of the ballots for the membership vote on officers as defined in ARTICLE V of the Constitution and for the issuance and tabulation of ballots on proposed amendments to the Constitution as specified in ARTICLE XII of the Constitution and in ARTICLE VII of the Bylaws respectively.

Section 4, Treasurer
The Treasurer shall account for all monies of the Society to the membership and to the Executive Committee.

He shall be the disbursing officer of the Society and shall approve all expenditures by the Society upon authorization of the Executive Committee.

He may be required to give bond for the faithful discharge of his duties, to the extent as may be required by the Executive Committee.

He shall prepare an annual budget and present it to the members at the Annual Meeting.

He shall prepare an annual report on the state of the finances of the Society in accordance with ARTICLE IX of the Constitution.

Section 5, Committees
Officers may appoint committees to aid them in performing their functions. This includes the appointment of a committee-of-one to perform the duties of the officer during an extended illness or out-of-town assignment. Committees shall not carry the vote of the elected officer. Members of such committees must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 6, Rules of Order
The Executive Committee shall be empowered to make working rules of order for the control and operation of the Society. All rules and regulations so made may terminate with the expiration of tenure of office of the officers promulgating them, unless continued by incoming officers constituting the succeeding Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to overrule or modify the action of any officer of the Society.

Section 7, Succession of Officers
In the event that an officer or Member-at-Large of the Society dies or resigns before the completion of his term of office, the Executive Committee shall appoint a qualified member of the Society to perform the duties of the office until the next regular or special election, subject to the provision stipulated in Section 2 of ARTICLE I of the Bylaws that the Vice President shall succeed if the office of President becomes vacant. Such an interim officer shall not carry the vote of the elected officer, until such time as they are confirmed in a regular or special election.

A quorum of the Society shall be the number present at a regularly scheduled business session of the Society. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be five voting members. A quorum of all other Committees shall be a majority of said committee.

ARTICLE III, Dues and Privileges

Section 1, Members
Regular members of the Society shall be natural persons and shall pay annual dues to be determined by the Executive Committee, payable in advance. Each member shall receive the official publications of the Society.

Section 2, Membership Duration
Applications for membership in the Society accepted prior to June 30 shall be considered as for the current year and back numbers of the current volume of the Society publications will be furnished to said members. Applications accepted for membership after June 30 shall be applied to the following year and publications will start the first issue of the following year, unless applicants specifically request the application to be applied to the current year.

Members delinquent in dues three months after the official date of renewal shall be declared suspended and their names removed from the official roster of the Society. Suspended or resigned members may be reinstated upon payment of dues for the current year by action of the Membership Committee.

ARTICLE IV, Nominating Committee and Election Procedure
A Nominating Committee shall be appointed biannually and shall function in accordance with the provisions of ARTICLE V of the Constitution.

ARTICLE V, Representatives
The President may appoint an official representative of the Society to attend meetings, inaugurations, or dedications.

The President or his appointed delegate shall represent the Society on committees dealing with matters of common interest to this Society and other societies.

ARTICLE VI, Publications

Section 1, Tire Science and Technology
The Society shall publish the technical journal Tire Science and Technology. In addition, a Newsletter may be circulated to the membership, which shall officially contain news of the Society and other matters of interest relating to the science and technology of tires.

Section 2, Editor
The Editor shall be responsible to the Executive Committee for carrying out the publication policy of the Society.

The Editor shall have the authority to appoint assisting, contributing, and publishing editors to be responsible for the development of different aspects of the publications of the Society.

Section 3, Release of Submissions
All papers presented at a meeting of the Society shall be deemed as submitted to Tire Science and Technology for publication and will require a release by the Editor to be published elsewhere.

ARTICLE VII, Amendments
The Bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the members and otherwise as described in Article XI of the Constitution.